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    About Us


    Ningbo Youngor International Trade & Transportation Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan.  It is a comprehensive circulation enterprise under the Zhongji Ningbo Group Co., Ltd., the largest professional foreign trade group in Youngor Group and Ningbo City.  Its business scope covers two major categories: trade and freight.It mainly engages in the export business of machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, pesticides and fertilizers, consumer goods, and the import business of fuel oil, petrochemical products (ethylene, etc.), iron ore, refined copper, medical equipment, non-edible oil, etc.

    As a comprehensive circulation enterprise, the company is compatible with international import and export trade and international freight forwarding business.The company is pragmatic and innovative, forging ahead with determination.Relying on the resource advantages of Youngor Group and Sinosteel Ningbo Group Co., Ltd., the company uses advanced business concepts, efficient operation mechanism, strong network support, professional and complete logistics supply chain system, and rich international trade and freight forwarding experience.  For 22 years, the company has been forging ahead and has finally lived up to expectations, becoming a leader in the industry.  In 2020, the freight forwarding company ranked 17th in China's international freight forwarding logistics top 100, 7th in China's private freight forwarding logistics, and 48th in air logistics.

    Nowadays, the company's import and export trade has achieved structural upgrading from import and export agency to the combination of industry and trade, and its foreign trade business has expanded in multiple directions and fields.  The business scope has been continuously expanded, and the business direction has gradually become more specialized.In 2021, the cumulative amount of export declaration reached US$260 million, and the cumulative amount of import declaration reached US$170 million.The company's annual cumulative sales reached RMB 6.72 billion.

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